What Are Dual Occupancy Floor Plans?

Dual occupancy floor plans are popular in vacation areas for many reasons. Firstly, the owner is able to rent both of the units and get higher rental yields and good occupancy rates than when only one unit was available for renting. Vacationers are usually not limited by the size of their home or duplex design. The duplex allows an additional living space and is much more flexible for vacationers. A vacation rental home can easily double in size and there is no need to be concerned about the daily rent.

There are some homeowners that want to use the existing storey in their homes as a vacation home rental space. In order to do this, they can choose to rent a duplex that has two rooms on the lower level and a single level duplex that have one room on the upper level. This will allow them to live in the lower level of their home and vacation in the upper level of their house. Most of these duplexes are not new homes but remodeled existing homes with the dual occupancy floor plans.

Storey homes are another popular use of dual occupancy floor plans. Storey homes are popular because the lofts allow the space for an upper level kitchen that is usually not included in the original home design. The addition of an upper level kitchen in the design of a building can add value to the home, attract potential tenants and also simplify maintenance and cleaning. It is common for people who own new home renovation projects to take a lofts concept and apply it to the storey home.

The majority of townhouse occupancy designs have two levels with living areas on the lower level and bedrooms on the upper level. Many townhouse designs have a bedroom that is connected to the main living area by a narrow hallway. When the lofts are planned with duplex house plans, the top floor may be detached and used as a master bedroom while the lower level is a family area.

Granny flats are popular with people who like to have more space than they have room in their single storey home. In the design of a granny flat, the upper level of the building is separate from the lower level of the building. Many granny apartments have a single open plan kitchen area with cabinets on both sides of this open plan kitchen. The floors and walls of these apartments are made up of bricks and timber. These apartments may also have a sitting and dining area attached to the loft of the building.

Luxury Home Plans is usually small houses that are designed to accommodate a large family. These houses can be built in separately or can be built as part of a small house extension. Luxury home plans are designed to have extra facilities that may not be available in small single storey homes. A family may require extra features such as an outdoor swimming pool and a garden.

Combining Flats and Houses In some cases there are two houses that need to be adapted to each other. For example, if two couples wish to buy a home and lease out their old house, they would have dual occupancy developments. The new house would be designed around the existing properties. In this case the two buyers would have split ownership of the property but would still live in it together. Another example could be that two families wish to buy a unit and lease it out to other families during their construction of a new house extension.

Council Permitted Floor Plans It is possible for a homeowner to obtain planning permission for dual use or studio flat floor plans if the planning authority permits such development. Planning permission usually depends on the size of the property, its height and location. If you contact your local council for advice on obtaining planning permission for your new dual use house plan or studio flat, they will be able to provide you with the information you need. Alternatively you can find out more information about planning laws and regulations by visiting your local council’s website.